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If you do not pass the selection process we give you the
opportunity to prepare either with one of our educational
programs or with the allied bootcamps, offering preferential rates so that you can repeat the application and be connected in relation with the job offers.

Job offers

These are some of the positions you can find within our platform


Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a Senior profile to lead a team of 5 developers in Guadalajara, Jal.

Full Stack profile evaluation
Technical interview
February 2023


Back End Developer

Mid developer, proficient in Python, MySQL and GIT with 3 years of experience.

Back End profile evaluation
Technical interview
February 2023


Front End Developer

Junior Developer Main technologies:
Laravel, Django, React.

Front End Profile Assessment
Technical interview
February 2023

IBM International

Full Stack Developer

Developer with 5 years of experience and mastery of technologies: Java, MySQL and GIT.

Full Stack Profile Assessment
No technical interview
March 2023

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